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My Story

The story behind the brand

Izzabee is a family pet name for my daughter Isabel.  My name is Andy. As a child I remember trying on my Nana’s costume jewellery.  I loved the way it sparkled in the sunlight.  I still wear an emerald brooch which belongs to her and brings back such wonderful, happy, memories.  

Over the years I have enjoyed finding jewellery to match outfits for various occasions like graduations, christenings and weddings. Recently it has become difficult to find affordable, yet special jewellery. 

I searched Ireland and  couldn’t find what I was looking for.  On a few occasions I sent abroad for jewellery but it became expensive with added taxes, customs and postal fees making the items  too expensive. 


Fast-forward to December 2021 I decided to make a few pieces myself.  My family received them as Christmas gifts and the feedback was very encouraging. The creative journey began…

For inspiration I look to nature,  family memories, old movies and fashion.  I would like to think my jewellery appeals to every kind of woman who enjoys looking her best every day and on special days.


I use the finest European crystals set in silver-plated or rose gold-plated brass settings.  The pieces are nickel free and hypoallergenic so should not irritate the skin. 


Caring for your jewellery

To keep the jewellery looking it’s best it is advisable to avoid wearing the jewellery when bathing and avoid creams and perfumes, where possible.  To clean the jewellery place in a bowl of warm water and add mild dish soap, gently rub with your fingers for a few minutes and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

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